Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wonder boy

Sometimes I wonder

Am I made to love? - In my life, it somehow tells me that I'm very sensitive when it comes to love. I get affected a lot by it based on history....each time also I didnt give up, but it builds a wall for me to avoid it. I hope someone could break the wall one day.

Am I always the good one? - I felt like I'm always the good one, and the good one will normally sacrifice. What a disadvantage....hehe. But sometimes it feels good for the deed, just that people might take things for granted. I just want those that matters to me to appreciate me.

Am I the discarded one? - I'm asking this since sometimes I felt like a second choice. You know those feelings? Sometimes we just want to feel that we are the first choice.

I have something new recently. What is E.M.O day? It is when Ezriq's-Mind-Out-of-control day....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raya experience

As usual, every Raya I'll get to eat a lot of malay food such as lemang, rendang, tempoyak, nasi lemak etc. This year it's also the same but with something extra. Previous years, we either have BBQ or steamboat with the whole family. This year, we did BBQ again and I'm one of the the chef to get things cooked with charcoal :p It was fun. Anyway, that's still normal for an annual event. So I'll go straight to something new this year :)

We went visiting to my aunt's father in-law place. It's about 3o mins away from my aunt's place. Oh fyi, I normally stay in my aunts place for Hari Raya ever since my Wan (late grandma) left us. Okay, back to my aunt's father in-law place, we are excited seeing mangosteen on the trees once we reached there.

My dad start plucking and eating the mangosteen...and when we got into the house, there's so many fruits available for feasting. Rambutans, duku langsat, mangosteen, buah lembe & buah kelekuk (not too sure on the spelling though). Luckily I snapped the photo of the fruits, because I dont even have idea on how to explain what fruit it is.

This is buah lembe. Looks like garlic shape. Just bite and eat without the skin. It tastes a bit like salak, but this is juicy instead of dry and the seeds are like sugar in texture. It has the sweet after taste too. I like this interesting fruit :p

Well, the next is buah kelekuk. It's like malaysian version of the grape. It's hard when you hold the fruit, just press with a bit of pressure on the fruit till it's a bit soft, then bite and eat without the skin. It really taste a bit like grapes too.

So this are some new experience I had and it definitely is a good one. Oh ya, and if you ask me which one I like the most, it's the buah lembe :) I should have asked them to provide me the seed and see if i can plant buah lembe at home. Hahah

That's all for now. I would like to wish all Selamat Hari Raya and a happy festive season to All~!!!

"Wish you were here..."

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My soul language

I just saw this phrase....and amazingly it speaks my soul language!!!

"I’m going to fight for your love. There are some things in life that are worth fighting for to the end. You are worth it."

Brighter smile!

It's another mile stone in my life to have the braces removed yesterday. Yooohoooo!!! It's definitely part of the being-a-better-person (better looking person :p), progress of transforming a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Hehehehe....yeeee :D Can see the bright smile? I'm not going to upload my photo. So if you would like to see the difference, please pick up your phone and dial my number to arrange a meet up. We really have a lot to catch up, especially those that i've not met ever since i had braces on.

Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend with panda! Hope panda felt the same way too :)

That's it for today...Have a nice week ahead!

Love story live @ wings...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's her day!

This post is dedicated to her :)

She calls me her partner in crime!
I call her 'girl girl'. Till one day someone said that it's rude to call her that. She is elder than me. But i dont care because only she knows how it feels to be close with me. And the last I remember, she called me 'adikkkk' for a yr or so before she left. And that's with a very nice tone, as if I'm her cute small little brother. Ohh, accompanied with the big hug each time we meet, wonderful!

It is Melissa Tjen day yesterday! She would have been 28 on 1st September 2010, but nevertheless she definitely left an impact to so many of us for more than 28 yrs. Yes, that would be before she was born! I'm quite sure she impacted the life of my parents, my grandparents and relatives.

girl girl, I wish you were here, so I can share new interesting things that is happening to me. Anyway, I hope you are doing good up there. Miss you dearly! Love.

"Your love is my drug..."

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Confession is good for the soul!

So is it true that confession is good for the soul? I'm having some thoughts about confessing. This is regarding a person that I have in my mind recently. It's a coincidence that I had this topic with my friends earlier in the evening regarding confession of a person that is part of opposite sex good friends. What will the responce be if another person just want to be friends?

My argument is that confession is never easy. It really take a lot of courage and risk taking just to lock down your decision. Nevertheless, I think it's much easier if you are drunk. Hahah...

I wonder most of the time how my future would be. Will it be colourful and challenging or will it be dull and lonely? How to make the calculated risk? Anyhow, I just would wish that my parents will have peace of mind and not worry about me being single and lonely even though they are getting older and might not be by my side in 30-40 years time. I think that I will know if I've met that someone right, and that someone right will be perfect to grow old with me. The path will be clearer when time comes.

And it will! God and my sis will be looking after me, I hope.

I dont miss my boss but I miss you....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Recently I've been having a lot of tense jaw and headache moment eventhough I've been taking a lot of time to rest. Weird...and I feel like I'm not a complete person...you know, the "something is missing" feeling.

Could it be the braces effect? Oh ya, I've been having braces on for almost 3 months now. And it never fails to make me feel tired with my jaws...i just feel like giving my jaw some rest but how? Let it loose? Hehe...Another problem i encounter ever since is that I salivate my pillow when i sleep sideways :P disgusted it is. But i think i can write an entry just about my braces only...heheh

Back to topic...I went for Mamma Mia the movie with parents @ Mid Valley earlier in the noon. Booking online was full so we went there to try our luck at the gsc counter. In mind, i've the expectation already that the queue there will be long. It's proven when we reached there. Dad wanted to give up and suggested to just do lunch and window shopping only. But I insisted to give it a try since we came all the way....furthermore, it was his suggestion to go watch Mamma Mia after Uncle Francis recommended it for the old folks :P

So I told my parents to go look for food while I queue up to buy the movie tickets. Lucky that GSC do announcement at that moment to purchase from Gold Class counter for certain movies including Mamma Mia. It was a mere 5 mins wait and I got to purchase them. At least accomplished the goal for a Sunday family time together. :)

Ahh, as for the movie...I would say Uncle Francis was right~! The movie is good if you love songs from Abba, and it is more enjoyable if you were in their age too. For a sentimental guy like me, I love oldies...I would say this is a good movie for a Sunday afternoon :D

Next, wonder should I get the ticket for the play too? I remember I saw the ads, the cheapest ticket is 300++ ....urmm....gift for parents? hehe...Klar, I'll sort it out and dream on first to strike lottery. It's 12.30am now, time to sleep as I have lots of work to do tomorrow.

"I have a dream....I'll cross the stream"